Plastic Resin Ponds

Preformed plastic ponds are the least expensive and least difficult method to making a backyard pond. These ponds are made from very thin plastic acrylic resin and great care must be used when installing these ponds to avoid damaging them or putting holes in the bottom that would ultimately be the failure of these types of ponds.

The main advantage to these preformed ponds is low cost and ease of installation. Normally the most difficult part of making a pond is the waterproofing process. It is actually quite difficult to make a pond that is completely waterproof.

resin preformed pond

Pictured above is a picture of a resin based preformed pond. While much thicker, stronger and resistant to puncture than plastic ponds, they are also more expensive

plastic preformed pond
A plastic pond like pictured here is the bottom line easiest and least expensive way to incorporate a pond into your backyard - and it can even look fantastic once you add some landscaping around it!

Advantages Of Plastic Ponds

With a preformed pond this will simplify the process of making a pond and instead will allow you to focus on the landscaping and additional items like waterfalls or water features. For many people looking to build a pond into their backyard they are seeking to add something to the backyard that will enhance peacefulness of the environment.

In this case a preformed acrylic pond can minimize your workload and reduce the skill level needed to install a pond while still allowing you to have a waterproof pond that you can explore adding pumps, filters and waterfalls to. You can also add aquatic life such as frogs, fish, snails and various forms of plant life so long as you understand filtration requirements for ponds.

Making Waterfalls With Plastic Ponds

It is also possible to cascade preformed plastic ponds into one another using them as independent basins. This is a more involved approach to making ponds with preformed plastic ponds but can create a very dynamic water feature complete with the serene sound of falling water. Combine this with some landscaping around the pond itself and you have your very own backyard oasis - quick, easy and cheap.

pond waterfall under construction
Shown here is a waterfall over a resin pond being built. The foam is the first step in building a waterfall from concrete using a fake rock making technique.

If you want to pursue this lowest cost and lowest skill approach to building ponds then you absolutely should read the Fake Rock Making tutorial that teaches you how to do just this. The tutorial also covers artificial rock construction and landscaping around ponds which is perfect if you want to incorporate waterfalls or water features into your pond.

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